May Weather in the UK

May Weather Locations

Map of average weather maximum temperature for May in the UK

Much of the UK will be 13-17C on a typical may afternoon

The UK's weather is strongly influenced by the prevailing south-westerly winds, which in may keep the temperatures much lower than most of north-west europe. Similar latitudes in France and Germany have weather that is usually a few degrees celsius higher than anywhere in the UK.

In may, the warmest weather areas of the uk is usually the south-east and especially London. Scotland and Western coasts remain cooler, as the nearby Atlantic sea temperature is usually still only 10-13C in may.

If high air pressure weather appears over the UK during may, the influence of these winds disappears and the may afternoon temperature will often go well beyond 20C, sometimes up to 25C, bringing warm weather. During these small heatwaves, the south-east of the UK, especially London, can sometimes have weather that's 5C warmer than the rest of the country.

When winds come from the south or especially the south-east, the weather can get several degrees warmer, as the weather on continental europe in may is usually a few degrees higher than in the UK.

The amount of sunshine per day in may can vary according to the day to day weather. Areas along the south and south-west coasts have the most amount of sunshine, but this is only marginally more than the weather in the rest of the UK in may.

If there's a strong north or north-east wind in may, then places near the eastern coasts of the UK can have weather that's much cooler than their may average.

Rainfall is quite evenly spread out throughout the year in the UK, without any distinct dry weather season. The wetter west side of the UK is often slightly drier than usual between March and July, and 45mm-65mm of rain in may is about average for the weather in most places in the UK. This typically falls as showers or drizzle on about 1 in 3 may days.

The last frosts of the year often occur in early may, although the weather in may in much of the southern UK is warm enough for there not to be any frost in may in some years. 8C is a typical nighttime temperature, with the nighttime weather being a few degrees cooler in may in scotland.

Daylight hours are very long in the UK in May. By late May, the sky doesn't get fully dark until 10pm.