May Weather in Scotland

May Weather Locations

Map of average weather maximum temperature for May in Scotland

In Scotland in may, the weather's temperature usually reaches 13-16C in the afternoons, depending on the area of Scotland.

Being further north than the rest of the UK, Scotand is a few degrees cooler, and in may, the west coast and islands are even cooler again.

Urban areas of southern Scotland such as Edinburgh and Glasgow are milder, and the further west and north you go, the cooler the temperature is. The north and west are cooled by the influence of the nearby Atlantic Ocean, which is only 9-12C in may off the coast of Scotland. The western isles are particuarly cool in may with afternoon temperatures of 10-12C being frequent.

The western areas of scotland are wetter throughout the year, with some mountainous western coasts receiving as much as three times the rainfall of Aberdeen or Edinburgh.

Frost will occur in the highlands and the far north of Scotland during may, especially if the wind direction is from the north or north-west. An occassional frost is also likely further south to the Edinburgh or Glasgow areas too.

During the day in may, it's best to wear a few layers, although there could be a few sunny days on the Scottish mainland, where a t-shirt would be ok. Evenings are generally cold in may, requiring a coat outside.

Daylight hours are very long in Scotland in May. In the far north and west of Scotland, some of the sky will still be light until as late as 10.30pm on clear evenings.