May Weather in England

May Weather Locations

Map of average weather maximum temperature for England in May

13-17C is a typical tempertaure on an average may afternoon in England.

In May, the weather in England is kept cooler than other parts of Europe that are at the same latitude, by the cooling influence of westerly winds from the Atlantic. The Atlantic water temperature is still only 10-13C in may to the west of England, and this cools the incoming prevailing winds. Away from the Atlantic, at the same latitude as England, in countries such as Poland or Germany, may weather temperatures are generally several degrees higher.

On days when the wind drops and it's sunny, the weather in England in may can be much warmer. The weather will often reach temperatures of 20-25C during these conditions, which is similar to continental europe.

In may, the weather in England usually gets a few degrees warmer if the wind comes from the south-east. If the winds come from the north or north-east, then the weather in the eastern side of England can fall several degrees below what is average for may.

Although there is no dry season in England, the weather is slightly drier in the west of England in May than it is in autumn or winter. In an average month, it will rain or drizzle on about a third of the days of the month. The weather is slightly drier in some counties of eastern England.

At nighttime, 8C is a typical temperature for much of England in may. Frost occurs occassionally, more so in the north of England. As the weather warms up during may, the last frosts of the year usually occur in early may. In the south-west of England, there is often no frost at all in may.

Evenings are long in England in may, and by late may, it's still not dark outside until about 10pm.