May Weather in Edinburgh

May Weather Locations

Map of average weather maximum temperature for May in Edinburgh

In Edinburgh in may, the temperture typically reaches 12-15C in the afternoons.

Edinburgh is one of the coolest places in the UK in may, simply because it's quite far north.

When the weather is settled and sunny for a few days, the temperature will sometimes climb over 20C. If there are northerly winds though in may, afternoon temperatures may struggle to get above 10C, and at such times, there can occasionally be frosts at nighttime.

Edinburgh is generally drier than the western side of Scotland, but it can still rain at anytime during the year, and at anytime during may. It's rainfall amount is generally similar to London.

Afternoon weather is generally suitable for wearing a few light layers, and evenings normally need a coat.

By late may, the length of daylight hours in Edinburgh gets very long, and on a clear day, the sky will still be partially light until as late as 10.15pm.