May Weather in Cornwall

May Weather Locations

Map of average weather maximum temperature for May in Cornwall

The afternoon weather temperature in Bristol on an average may day is about 13-17C.

Although Cornwall is the southernmost part of the UK, the temperature in may is typically 2C cooler than much of southern England. This is due to the influence of the cooler sea surrounding Cornwall which keeps the air cool. Even during heatwaves in the rest of the UK, the weather in Cornwall in may rarely gets above 20C.

Cornwall is however the sunniest place in the UK in may, and at any point during a day in May, there's a 45-50% chance of it being sunny.

Rainfall is less than in most other months, and typical of much of the UK in may - it'll rain typically on just under 1 in 3 days on may.

Frost is extremely rare in Cornwall in may, and nightime temperatures are usually in the range of 7-11C.

As the month progresses, the length of daylight hours becomes very long, and it won't get totally dark outside before 10pm on many days in late may.